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Introvert Emerging;
be seen, be heard, be valued.

A 5 module, 7 week development programme facilitated live, so you're ready to take that next step up authentically.
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Through my work and years of experience I've discovered that there are 6 types of Introvert, each having their own unique skills, strengths and needs.


Knowing your type is so useful when you need to have difficult conversations and manage expectations.   

Tackling the Extraversion Bias in Organisations; Accessing the Untapped Potential of Introverts 

What is a Flourishing Introvert

Flourishing Introverts are people like me who choose not to hide behind their preference for introversion.  From a psychological perspective, flourishing is the result of pursuing an authentic life. So, flourishing is a process requiring action that anyone can engage in. It is a choice and a journey not a destination. 


I've experienced a remarkable life, one where my happiness & success are built on how I value my quiet power and my gifts as an introvert.  A life where I feel valued not only for the contribution I make, but for being authentically me. I choose a life filled with joy where I don’t apologise for who I am or how I am. 


So, am I flourishing? Well my introversion isn’t stopping me from having a life and a business I love and so, my answer is yes. I am flourishing because I choose to flourish. 


And here's the exciting part, your introversion need not stop you either. 


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