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The Flourishing Introvert Philosophy
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Flourishing for me is  a process and a way of being that is possible for all.  As an introvert myself, I know only too well that many introverts fail to flourish for a variety of reasons.  


So what does flourishing really mean in this context?  Dictionary definitions include one that really resonates with me

   “to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way,

     especially as the result of a particularly congenial 



So the Flourishing Introvert Philosophy includes 3 fundamental practices.

1. Owning our introversion and recognising our inner powers. 

2. Co-creating a supportive environment by putting in place and managing personal boundaries. 

3. Regularly doing things that replenish us, recharge our batteries and allow us to be at our best.

 Joanna's Story

I discovered I was an Introvert in 1989 as a result of completing the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). Now regardless of your views about MBTI, I'd always known I was quite different from peers, colleagues, friends & even family and it was this instrument that gave me insight into how I was different. 


I soon realised that this knowledge on its own was not enough though.  It had enhanced my self-awareness but didn't give me the tools to manage others' expectations of me.  What followed was something that other introverts will recognise only too well; I was encouraged by colleagues to try to be more outgoing in order to fit in.  And I was exhausted by the process.  Ultimately, I ended up believing I was not enough which took a heavy toll on me. 


Never one to quit though, I made the decision to champion the cause of introverts like me. I had become tired of witnessing introverts being overlooked and dismissed because they didn't always speak up or join in.

It was time for action.

Flourishing Introverts was born to

  • support those who wanted to fulfil their potential without pretending to be something they're not. 

  • educate and inform organisations how much they were missing out on by overlooking their introverts

  • promote positive action and balance the extraversion bias