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This is me!

I only recently saw The Greatest Showman; I’m late to the party I know! To say I was captivated was an understatement and I imagine it will become one of my favourite musicals. I had heard the track ‘This is Me’ for quite a while though and whist it resonated on first listening, it took some time before I really embodied the words and sentiment.

‘I am not a stranger to the dark’ because I have often put myself there, not because someone else has told me to ‘hide away’, but part of me. I have a very active Inner Critic, called Gladys, and it is she who encourages me to hide away. Some of her most popular numbers are ‘Who are you to…’, ‘You’re not enough’ and ‘Why make life difficult for yourself’.

Now I’ve learned how to live with Gladys without her running my life, I’ve realised that I am ‘glorious’, and I now know ‘who I'm meant to be’. I’m meant to be the voice of the Flourishing Introvert. This is me!

So, I’ve made a public commitment to champion the cause of the Introvert and shift the bias that exists in our corporate culture here in the UK. It’s a big deal for me so I’ll need to be brave. Let’s face it, my life would tick along nicely without taking on this challenge, but I’m compelled to take action. Take notice and ‘look out 'cause here I come’.

But here’s the thing – I am still scared to be seen on this personal mission. I can work with individuals and organisations from 1:1 interactions to conferences of over 1000 when I’m covering stuff that’s in the public domain that I’m not attached to. This feels very different though. I feel very strongly about this. It matters to me. I’m prepared to face the criticism and the ‘sharpest words (that) wanna cut me down’. Bring it on.

With this cause, ‘I'm marching on to the beat I drum’. A new beat to me and I make no apologies. This is me!

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